Healthy Diet Tips for Pregnant Women

Healthy Diet Tips for Pregnant WomenA healthy diet is essential for pregnancy so that both mother and baby would stay healthy during and after the pregnancy. Pregnancy is a crucial period for women because this is the stage where the nutritional diet of the mother is doubled to provide sufficient vitamins, minerals and carbohydrates, not only for the mother, but for the baby, as well.

If you are a pregnant mother, you will have to be aware of this fact. To help you know what type of diet you should eat, here are the top 3 healthy diet tips to help you maintain good health during pregnancy.


Tip #1 – Eat more of fruits and vegetables

Eating more fruits and vegetables would provide the essential nutrients and vitamins a pregnant mother needs. During pregnancy, you have to maintain your ideal weight to avoid possible complications.

Oranges, guavas, lemon can provide vitamin C and calcium for the growth and proper development of baby’s bones, teeth and gums. Bananas, avocado, apple, watermelon, grapes, papaya and berries are rich sources of potassium, and other essential minerals.

Green leafy vegetables such as, lettuce, okra, turnip greens, cabbage, mustard, and collards are also rich sources of iron and vitamins.

Fruits and vegetables are also rich in fiber and are considered as anti-toxins, which help the body get rid of toxic excretory products of metabolism.


Tip #2 – Eat lean protein

Protein comes generally from meat, fish and soya beans. Your growing baby would need proteins because these are the building blocks of the body’s development and growth. You can derive your protein from lean meat, to prevent bad fats from accumulating in your blood vessels.

Michael Bishop, an expert in Clinical Chemistry, disclosed in his book that bad fat can cause cardiac problems. Some good sources of proteins are fish and soya beans too.

You can take in not more than 12 oz. per week of seafood, but you should avoid shark, tile fish, swordfish and king mackerel because they contain fat high in calories. Take note that the fish, tilapia, is a rich source of energy, so not all types of fish is good for you.


Tip #3 – Eat less of bad fats and carbohydrates

Taking in excess fats and carbohydrate would increase the possibility of becoming overweight or obese. As previously mentioned, this can also result to serious conditions like cardiac diseases and gestational diabetes. This could prove harmful to you and your baby.

This is because bad fats or Low Density Lipoproteins (LDL) tend to accumulate in the blood vessels causing atherosclerosis. Examples of good fats are those coming from shellfish and fish. These contain omega 3 fatty acids that are vital to the growth of your baby. Make sure, though, that the food preservatives used don’t contain harmful substances such as, mercury and other metals.

You may want to remember these tips for pregnancy if you want your baby to be healthy and strong. Your baby is undoubtedly one of the best things that ever happened to you, so ensure that he comes into this world robust and healthy.


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Helping Your Child Undergo His First Blood Extraction

Helping Your Child Undergo His First Blood ExtractionThe mere sight of a needle would drive even adults to cringe in fear. Who would allow his body to be pricked by a needle? Certainly not you and certainly not your child.

Nevertheless, there are instances in which blood extraction, also called venipuncture, is needed so that correct diagnosis can be made by the doctor. In this case, you will have to help your child undergo this dreaded procedure.

For you to be able to do that, you have to understand first what the procedure is all about and what complications can occur from it.


What is venipuncture?

Venipuncture is a procedure, which involves the collection of blood from a vein through the use of a needle and a syringe. It’s often an easy and painless procedure with an expert venipuncturist or phlebotomist (person who performs the venipuncture).

Many people fear venipuncture because of the assumed pain coming from the needle puncture. But, if the patient cooperates, a competent venipuncturist can perform it without pain. This is hard to believe, but it’s true. If there’s pain, it’s minimal – even a bee sting or an ant bite is more painful.


How to help your child undergo his first venipuncture

Helping your child undergo this procedure will depend on his age and temperament. Here are various recommendations given by phlebotomy books. You will have to decide which of the recommendations below can apply to your child.


  1. If the child can understand reason, explain the significance of the test. “You have headaches every day and if the doctor doesn’t know what’s causing them, you will endure these pains forever. Your blood test will determine the cause so your doctor can cure your headaches.” If your child is already a teenager, then all you have to do is to explain the significance why he should undergo the procedure.


  1. Ensure the child that the pain is bearable. It’s “like the bite of an ant” or “less painful than the bite of a bee”. Let him understand that it can even be painless as long as he cooperates.


  1. He must cooperate because this will help the venipuncturist hit the vein properly. Cite basketball as an example. The venipuncturist will shoot the ball and he can do a dunk shot or even a three-pointer if he, as the patient, will keep still and does not keep moving the “basketball hoop”. Emphasize to him that when the vein is hit properly, the procedure is painless.


  1. For kids with ages ranging from 7 to 12, a reward after the venipuncture can be a positive motivation for them. But don’t forget to explain why they have to undergo the procedure. You can also stay, if permitted, while they undergo venipuncture to lend moral support.


  1. For children below 7 years old, you can help by explaining, in terms that they can understand, the reason why they have to endure the procedure. If allowed, you can hold his hand or let him clutch his favorite toy. If you’re not allowed inside the room, you can stay in a place where he can see you to assure him that you’re supporting him.


There are times that the child is spoiled and the presence of the parent only creates more tantrums. If your child is brought up that way, then it’s best that he doesn’t see you during the procedure.


  1. Inform the child all of the benefits he can obtain from the blood test. Tell him that he must give his full cooperation for the venipuncture to succeed without pain.


Don’t ignore the anxiety and fear of your child when he undergoes his first venipuncture. You should inform him well so that he can overcome his fear by understanding the process.


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HEALTH BENEFITS OF  SUNLIGHTMost people are aware of the harmful effects of sunlight and they avoid the sun at all costs. The sun is known to cause skin cancer but research has proven that a little bit of sun’s rays on your skin is important. The studies that have been done have shown that a good amount of sunlight on the skin will help in the prevention of several cancers and other health conditions. This is made possible because of vitamin D that is made when the skin is exposed to the sun’s rays. 90 to 95 % of the vitamin D that is found in our bodies comes from the sun.

There are numerous ways in which the sun’s ray improves the health of an individual and they include:

Elevating the mood

The sun rays help to increase the level of happy hormones to include serotonin. This is the reason why most people are happy when they are exposed to sun and they also have increased levels of energy. When one is exposed to sunlight regularly, depression and stress will be laid off especially when this is combined with taking a walk and exercising. Research has also shown that when one exercises outdoors, more endorphins are released and this helps to elevate the mood.

Reducing cardiac conditions

A study that was done in UK showed that most people die of cardiac diseases in winter than in summer. This is believed to be because of the low levels of vitamin D. Vitamin D also helps to reduce cholesterol in the body and therefore its level rises in winter. Increased cholesterol in the body is one of the causes of cardiac conditions like stroke; the people who suffer from hypertension are encouraged to expose themselves to sunlight often as this helps to lower the blood pressure.

Prevention of diabetes

A study that was done in Finland showed that sunlight helps to delay the inception of diabetes. The study showed that the children who were given vitamin D supplement had a reduced chance of getting diabetes by 85%. The people who have a deficiency of vitamin D are also at an increased risk of getting diabetes type 11.

Reduce stress

Winter blues also known as seasonal affective disorder is a type of depression that occurs in winter. This is usually caused by lack of sun’s rays that help to increase the level of happy hormones in the body. Light boxes can help in the treatment but exposing oneself to sunlight is more beneficial. It is advisable to walk for an hour in the morning during winter and autumn and sit under the sun for half an hour during summer.

Increase fertility

The rays of the sun help to boost fertility as melatonin hormone is reduced. This is a hormone that reduces fertility and its level is high in winter. Therefore, research shows that most people are more likely to conceive in summer. Sunlight also increases the length that one is fertile and therefore it delays menopause. A research that was done in Turkey showed that women, who were exposed to sunlight of less than one hour every week, were more likely to reach menopause 7-9 years earlier. Sunlight also helps to increase the level of testosterone in men and this increases their fertility.

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Healthcare for All by All

Healthcare for All by AllAccording to Rämgård, Blomqvist and Petersson from Malmö University, health is a very important issue to be left in the hands of a few people. This is more especially when taking care of the aging in the society. For these researchers, they took a collaborative effort of establishing social care and health planning for the welfare of everybody. However, it does it come easy. There are quite a number of challenges involved. The coming together of various people with different backgrounds in an effort of providing community care for the elderly is considered an efficacious solution despite the complexity involved. The support for the inclusion of professions involved in the elderly care should be aimed at providing specialized social and health care plans providing lasting solutions.


Communal participation in healthcare practice over the population is plagued by the absence of pertinent knowledge to other areas of expertise and the foundational professional culture along with the values of practice. These healthcare efforts were affected by such barriers. Despite the many challenges involved, the efforts have been found practical. A dialogue process has been found useful to progress the agenda for those who qualify to be part of the healthcare program.


Collaboration in providing quality healthcare is a perfect way of putting together all efforts in industry, communications, education, agriculture and housing to provide support for the public and medical health. This is established in the view that, medical care alone cannot be effective in delivering health services to our society. The enhancement of people’s welfare and health condition is the vital objective of economic and social development.


It Is an All-Inclusive Health Service

Heath for all by all is a concerted effort of having a goal of enhancing economic development. However, the objective is not use health as a way of attaining this economic development. The first thing to do in providing society health is to ensure literacy for everyone. Every person should know about health basics and advance further in knowing how health policies are implemented.


It is a continued process of public health and medical care that is aimed at making healthcare services available for everyone through basic health care. For this to be realized, everyone should be committed to this noble cause. This way, medical services will be accessible at each village supported through referral health services to specialized kind of care. The work of ensuring affordable and quality health services can be made possible with the inclusion of everyone. This is most importantly if a universal coverage that includes immunization is to be realized.


Even with this approach, all matters of professionalism and authenticity should be maintained. Such aspects include solidarity, equity and social justice and the inclusion of strategies that are sensitive to gender. The emphasis should be on the importance of reducing economic and social inequities by improving health for all. Therefore, priority should be given to the vulnerable, the ill, those receiving insufficient healthcare or impaired by poverty. The will to support the basic requirements and determinants for health should be there in.


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